Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome to Remembering Our Vows to Pray and Stay Blog

Remembering our Vows to Pray and Stay is a marriage ministry. The primary vision for the ministry is to educate, encourage, and provide support for married couples. Eliminate the "D" word...divorce.

Conflict in marriage is inevitable. How we deal with conflict is the important issue. Half of all the couples marrying today will end in divorce. In previous generations it was not surprising to hear that a couple was celebrating their twenty-fifth, thirtieth, or even fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Marriage is a lot of work, but it is also very rewarding and fulfilling.

Join me in EXPOSING the enemy.

Remembering our Vows to Pray and Stay invites you to join:

Weekly conference calls on Thursdays starting @ 9PM til 11PM

A Time of Prayer and Fasting every Thursdays starting @ 5AM til 6AM

We pray that the calls will aid and be a tool to grow marriages across the nation and ultimately for God to get the Glory.

Conference Dial in Number:
Access code: 102961#


  1. I'm greatful to have found a ministry such as this. I hope to learn many things to help me along the way. Looking forward to what's in store.

  2. I have been married 17 yrs to a Christian man, and like all sinners we have had our struggles. But it really does take Christ to love. I know I don't have that love on my own. But I have watched my sister's and brother's marriages fall apart because they did not listen to God. The scary part is they blame me, they did not come to me in their hour of need and their spouses came to me for support and prayer. One divorce is done, the second is not. Both siblings use each other as a surrogate spouse. I am been planning on fasting for them, but seeing this blog really confirms I need to do this for them, to see God working.

  3. What time zone are the calls in?