Sunday, January 13, 2013 FIGHT ALONE for your MARRIAGE?

Marriage is honored by God and hated by the enemy...knowing this...VICTORY is PROMISED along with some "for worse" seasons. Regardless the uncomfortable circumstances know that God is ALL POWERFUL, there is NOTHING to HARD for Him. Give it to Him completely, WE have to OPEN our mouth and ASK GOD TO HELP US. God entrusted you with whatever the circumstance is you are facing in your marriage and He is MORE THAN ABLE to DELIVER. 

Are you able to pray for your marriage and spouse? bc if the hurt is overwhelming, it can be hard to really pray.

The pain and disappointments that we experience tries to hold us hostage so that we will not PRAY, but our strength lies in us praying for our marriage and our husband/wife. A praying wife/husband is a POWERFUL THING!!! So Many testimonies from wives/husbands that have submitted their life to praying for their spouse. I KNOW it WORKS!!!

What we often face in our marriage is only temporary. We must trust and believe God for greater in every area of our life. It is very important that we recognize the attack against our marriage and pray and believe God for deliverance. Never focus on your spouse ACTIONS. Continue to honor, love, cherish, submit, etc., that is not always easy, but I encourage you to apply this to your life: When BAD THINGS HAPPEN---ALWAYS DO GOOD. Be a LEADER by ACTION, not WORDS.

 I am willing to stand for marriages across the world. God is MORE than ABLE and WILLING to HEAL husbands/wives. I encourage you to STAND in the gap for your spouse. DECLARE and DECREE the VICTORY. BELIEVE GOD WITHOUT ANY DOUBT. Your husband/wife belongs to you, so ALCOHOL, DRUGS, ANOTHER WOMAN/MAN CAN NOT HAVE YOUR spouse. Keep PUSHING FORWARD and be the BEST WIFE/HUSBAND GOD HAS CALLED U to BE.

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  1. This might have just saved my marriage! Thank God and thank you for posting this