Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's the RUSH?

Many marry with an innocent perception of what marriage is. 
Surely, not EXPECTING any TROUBLE-ONLY relying on the mere feelings of LOVE.

Several lack a full understanding of the God made covenant.  

for ME...

I'm DAILY LEARNING that marriage takes a lot of WORK.

There are many misleading pressures that blind men and women
to marry before being ready.

-the idea that sometimes you just know
(females set the goal to be married by 25)
-self pressure
-peer pressure/social expectations
-length of the relationship
(to trap the other person from being with anyone else)
-sex without conviction
 -wanting to be loved
-to have the wedding day experience
-controlling relationship

I encouraged everyone to approach marriage CAUTIOUSLY.
Don't be in a HURRY to marry.
Marriage is LIFE CHANGING.

Anything WORTH having is WORTH the WAIT. (AC)

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