Saturday, January 24, 2015

After the Wedding comes the Marriage

A lot of us marry for
 love, life long commitment, companionship, having children and financial stability.
Too many of us marry without the thought of trouble.
Too many of us are not prepared for
lies, inlaw disputes, weight gain, intimacy level, job loss, credit challenges,
one car, adultery, name calling
and all the what I call "for worse".
Too much preparation goes ino the "WEDDING" day---the fairytale couple of hours.
Too many of us are not prepared to be a WIFE or HUSBAND.
Too many of us marry with the thought of things that he/she will change?
(Note: Don't Marry Potential!)
Too many of us are not SAYING YES TO FOREVER.
The WEDDING DAY is the celebratory event for the covenant MARRIAGE.
I've heard it said like this: "The magic isn't in getting's in staying married".
Focus on having a beautiful marriage in the Lord, not just a beautiful wedding.
written by Stephanie Hamilton Brown 1-24-2015


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