Saturday, January 17, 2015

apologies...are the words enough?

Apologies without change are useless.
So often, we get caught up in words.
We've been taught since we were "tots" to apologize when we do wrong.
So now as adults we look for apologies to undo mistakes and hurt. 
The "I'm sorry" or "I apologize"may change the situation, but not the problem. 
A "good apology" with a dozen roses in hand (for t...he ladies) and the words: "I'll never do it again" is what I call "Making it Pretty"!
Words have power and are important. 
Facing challenges in life, we can't just look to words. 
What do mistakes need? Mistakes need CORRECTION.
We must move past this place and STOP waiting for apologies. 
We have to seek forgiveness.
An apology is more so done out of habit, but forgiveness is done out of humbleness.
Sorry doesn't get any better.
Fogiveness begins the process of reconciliation.
written by Stephanie Hamilton Brown 1-17-15

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