Marriage Miracles

In the Bible, there are several recorded miracles and healings that Jesus performed and documented for reason. Some people only will believe by these signs and wonders that Jesus performed. To the world, today’s view of marriage is a joke. Irreconcilable differences have trampled over what God honors…which is MARRIAGE and has led to what God hates…which is divorce.(Mal 2:16) The Lord has allowed me to experience many difficulties in my marriage and as a result has birthed this marriage ministry. Many people don’t realize marriage is a ministry.

The world needs to experience some “Marriage Miracles”. When the world looks to the church for examples of marriage what do they see? Let’s remember the church is not the building. Look at the middle two letters of the word church. (U---R) That’s who makes up the church. We are to be living epistles and lift up the standards of marriage. God wants to work but who WILL let Him. We all have free WILL but we should say “not as we will but Thine WILL be done”.

So many homes are broken. We become so fixated on ourselves and leave out the very Being that joined us from the beginning. It’s not about the husband or the wife. It’s about God, the husband and the wife. For example: When a woman wants to purchase a Coach bag she won’t go to a Wal-Mart, she would go to a Coach store. Since God is the originator of marriage, why do children of God go to the world for anything concerning marriage?

This is the season for “Marriage Miracles” in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I have already given God my yes and am trusting in His Word. God gave me the revelation that some only believe by the signs and wonders. God has spoken restoration and revival. We must not only pray and ask God, we must pray and believe God for manifestation. I am believing God for husbands to begin loving their wives as Christ loves the church. I am believing God for wives to begin submitting to their husbands. I am believing God to fill families with the Holy Ghost. I am believing God for Husbands to begin coming home. I am believing God for Wives to begin coming home. I am believing God to deliver husbands and wives from drug addictions, sexual perversions, and financial burdens. I am believing God for husbands and wives to be overtaken with forgiveness in their hearts. I am believing God for whole marriages in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I am believing God for the restoration and reviving of marriages that have been separated for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We serve a limitless God!

God wants to restore, revive and heal marriages to what He created. We, the church must be the example for the world. The world isn’t picking up the Bible to read the word for themselves, they are reading each of our lives. Let the world see the power of God in our marriages. Allow God to perform a “Marriage Miracle” in your life. The world needs to see homes restored after 1, 5, 15 years plus. The world needs to see unselfish forgiveness after husband or wife commits adultery. Let’s forget about our will…and allow God’s WILL in our lives.

Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time [are] not worthy [to be compared] with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

I am So Glad God has the FINAL Say…

by Stephanie Hamilton Brown 8-3-10

Who will allow God to perform a "Marriage Miracle". The enemy hates God honored unity...which is Marriage. When we pray for our marriage or anything we must not only just pray...we must believe God for the manifestation.